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The OWN Spotlight: Black Women OWN The Conversation episode’s discussion will be lead by Oprah Winfrey, Adrienne Bankert, and Jotaka Eaddy. They will discuss childhood trauma in the Black community, its effect on mental health, and how it manifests in adulthood. The one-hour episode will feature guests Dr Nadine Burke Harris, Dr Dena Simmons, Dr Gail Wyatt, and Jennifer Ryan.


From a dirt road in SC, Jotaka Eaddy builds a career of transformative change.

Jotaka Eaddy is fond of quoting the words on the University of South Carolina’s seal: Learning humanizes character and does not permit it to be cruel For Eaddy, a 2001 political science graduate and the first Black woman elected as the university’s student body president, those words — and their promise — help explain her life’s story.


At the same time that a new President is stepping into the oval office to lead the United States roughly 4000 other government workers are leaving their jobs. Employers tend to categorize these individuals into policy or legal categories when they think about hiring. However, what folks don’t realize is that people in government are organizers and hustlers with deep industry knowledge with skills that are applicable across the tech industry.



A Conversation with Lendup's CEO Sasha Orloff and Vice President Jotaka Eaddy

We’ve made no secret of our disdain for the deceptive practices employed by bad actors within the payday sector. We’ve also had misgivings over the stratospheric rates that subprime borrowers face in order to access credit. Over time, we hope that financial literacy, private sector innovation and common-sense regulation transform the environment for lower credit borrowers and lead to the extinction of predatory practices.


Jotaka x MSNBC's The Cross Connection